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Heat Pump  Specialists


Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why you should choose Manzana as your commercial heat pump supplier, here are a few of them…………………………………………………………………………..


We care about the environment

At Manzana, we care about the world we live in. We know how to design heat pumps systems which reduce C02 emissions from heating systems.  We want to help you help the world we live in…….


15 years experience designing and supplying ASHP systems

We have worked with air and ground source heat pumps for 15 years. In this time we have seen the good the bad and the ugly.  We are able top share this experience with you, saving you time, money and reputation


Cradle to grave support

Our service has just started when we sell a heat pump.  We make sure that every heat pump we sell works effectively and efficencty 


The Biggest Challenge Mankind
Has Ever Faced is Climate Change

“If you could have a huge impact on carbon emissions and make money, why wouldnt you do it.”

The earths average surface temperature has risen by 2 degrees since the pre-industrial era. If the world temperature rises by another two degrees, catastrophic and irreversible damage will be done to the planet…….

Effective Solutions for Your Business

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their energy goals. We look for and help deliver practical solutions which payback in 2-3 years. If you would like to understand how a heating/cooling & electrical generation strategy can benefit your business, please contact us now…….

Electricity Generation

Some 54% of UK electricity generation in 2019 came from low-carbon sources, including 37% from renewables and 20% from wind alone. A record-low 43% was from fossil fuels, with 41% from gas and just 2% from coal, also a record low. In 2010, fossil fuels generated 75% of the total electricity used and so there has been a massive shift in the past 10 years.In the third quarter of 2019, renewables contributed towards 38.9% of the UK’s electricity generation, producing 28.8TWh of electricity. Although, much of the renewable generation has been by dedicated wind, solar and bio-energy plants, much has been generated on site by users, using a number of different technologies.

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Chilled Water Generation

From experience, we know that many chillers are often changed out like for like, with little consideration of operational costs. Often, chilled water equipment is running for 10 hours plus everyday.
By spending more upfront and selecting the right equipment, running cost can be cut by up to 50%. Often the cost of replacing the chiller can be recovered as quickly as 2 years. Once these costs have been recovered, the new units will continue to save 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of pounds per year.

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Hot Water Generation

Do you use lots of gas for heating hot water or oil for heating hot water. What if this could be reduced by a third or completely eradicated, would that save you lots of money?

Heating using gas and oil is expensive and harmful to the environment. Below we describe solutions which are low energy, low carbon and offer quick payback periods.

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Thermal Storage

Awareness is steadily developing within the UK of the increasing importance of energy storage, this usually relates to the storage of electricity BUT why not the storage of thermal energy?

Refrigeration, Cooling and Heating plant can produce cost effective thermal energy at any time if energy storage is available.

What could be more straight forward than cost effectively storing Cold or Heat Energy within a compact battery to use when you need it?

Would you like to reduce energy costs?

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Air Conditioning Systems

Today’s commercial buildings are increasingly air-tight and filled with heat generating office equipment and lighting, which presents a problem for anyone trying to maintain a stable and comfortable internal environment. With buildings accounting for around half of all UK greenhouse emissions, legislation is demanding increased energy efficiency and higher standards of air quality.

F gases are responsible for 3% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. Until recently, the F-gases used in conventional air conditioning systems have a high global warming potential. These high GWP refrigerants are slowly being phased out.

The market response to the F-gas phasedown has been to move to low GWP refrigerants such as R-32 and HFO refrigerants such as R513a. Using these different gases has bought about new products, which are detailed below.

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Heating Systems

Do you use lots of gas or oil for heating your buildings?

Do you want to decarbonise and reduce running costs?

Do you have an existing heating system with pipework and emitters which are too expensive to change to fit, the lower water temperatures usually associated with heat pumps? Do you have a heating system which could be run at these lower temperatures? Whatever the answer, Manzana have a heat pumps which will give SCOPs between 3 + 4, below are some of the options

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Client Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions
We really want to reduce our energy use and costs but don’t have capital expenditure to do so, can you still assist us?

Yes, we work with a number of finance providers, who can offer a variance of ZERO UPFRONT INVESTMENT options.  Please visit our finance page for more information.

Why should I discuss our projects with Manzana rather than one of the manufacturer?

The concept and reason for Manzana’s existence, is to ensure that the most appropriate energy saving products are used.  Our approach is to understand how and when energy is being used on site.  We use this knowledge, to identify optimum heat and energy recovery and recommend the most suitable solution, to achieve the greatest running cost and carbon savings.  We are likely to recommend a mix of technology from various manufacturers, which when integrated together gives the most effective outcome.

Is there a charge for Manzana’s services?

No, our services are provided free of charge, we operate by receiving a small sales commission from the manufacturers of the equipment? 

Are the products more expensive because of Manzana’s involvement in the project?

No, the sales commission we receive would have usually been paid to a direct employee of the manufacturer and so our involvement does not affect the sales price.

Are the products more expensive because of Manzana’s involvement in the project?

No, the sales commission we receive would have usually been paid to a direct employee of the manufacturer and so our involvement does not affect the sales price.

I am a contractor, if I was to work with you, would I be required to place the order with Manzana?

No, effectively, we act as a non-direct employee of the companies we represent.  All orders, warranties and after sales support is provided by the manufacturers, just like if you were dealing with a direct employee of the manufacturer.

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