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    About Us

    The reason we do what we do…

    We are Manzana Ltd. Our mission, is to have considerable positive impact on the environment, to assist vast energy reduction and to protect the planet for future generations

    How we do what we do…

    We assist our clients to make large energy use and running cost savings in manufacturing, commercial & industrial buildings, with no upfront cost

    What we do…

    We create and implement heating, cooling and electrical generation
    strategies, that reduce energy, carbon output and running costs.

    We look for value added projects, which pay back in 2-3 years and can be financed 4-6 years. By doing so, we help companies meet “Nett Zero” carbon targets, while simultaneously increasing
    bottom line profit and having positive effect on climate change……………

    “At Manzana we are passionate about carbon reduction.
    Our main target markets are manufacturing facilities,
    data centres, hotels, gyms and retail establishments.
    We have chosen these markets, as we have experience
    in delivering huge carbon and running cost savings in
    these applications. Our holistic approach and understanding
    of heating, cooling and electrical requirements/solutions,
    means that these are integrated to allow the most efficient,
    low carbon, low running cost operation of the
    building/ manufacturing facility”

    Richard Warry – Carbon Reduction Leader

    Engage & Understand

    We want to fully understand your business, how you function and what your objectives are, both in business and in relation to energy.Do you have sustainability objectives or a net zero carbon plan. Do you have to buy carbon credits, resultant of the CRC (carbon reduction commitment) and/or have any other costs directly or indirectly resultant of energy use? There are many stake holders within a business who should be consulted with, we make it a rule to engage and understand with all of them.

    Develop &Createa Plan

    After engagement, our energy consultants will next identify how much energy is currently being consumed,when it is used, what it is used for. Once we understand
    this, we will use simulation software to identify the most efficient way to produce the heat/ cooling required and how any waste heat can be used to produce cooling or electricity. Once this assessment is complete, we will then create a bespoke energy
    strategy which will detail these suggestions as well as anysuitable on-site electricity
    generation. Estimated costs of implementation and Pay back periods will also be included as well as a finance demonstration, which will demonstrate profitability from
    year 1.

    Engage & Design

    After we have issued our proposed strategy, we will then re-engage. If you would like to proceed with the strategy, we will then agree a plan of how to implement, either parts of the proposal, in phases or as one complete project. At this stage, we will engage our design consultantsto develop the design and identify a firm cost for the project. Once complete, we will againengage with you. If at this stage you are happy with the proposal, we will arrange finance, sign contracts and agree time scales for the project(s).

    Manage & Deliver

    We will manage the project from start to finish, we will be responsible for project planning,Health & Safety,RAMs, purchasing, sub-contractor management and commissioning. We ensure systems are installed, as designed so to deliver the savings which have been

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